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At this day and at this time last year I was standing inside the Anne Frank Huis. A dream come true, forreal. I had been waiting for years with frustration, sadness, happiness, hope, belief. I knew that I`d get there someday, but I just didn`t know when. So, when my mum told me last year we`re going, I was thrilled. I was beyond excited. It was an amazing experience and it was worth the wait. I made the most out of my visit in the Museum; spent more than two hours there. I was also very excited to finally be in the book shop. I ordered something from there a few years ago, but being there was amazing. Being in Amsterdam was amazing. It was my first time in the country and in the capital and I loved it.

Definitely going back there when I`m off to Netherlands later this year. Can`t wait to be there. Once Again.



Right now I`m sitting at the airport and it`s now that it`s sinking in. It`s now that it feels real. We booked my ticket on Friday and realised the day later that my Pakistani passport is invalid. Well, guess who started stressing out. My mum changed the date of the ticket, since we weren`t sure if I`d be able to get an urgent visa by Monday. She changed it till Thursday, and even though it`s not that far away, it felt so far away. I didn`t want to wait for that long, so once I got to the urgent visa I changed my ticket again and here I am. It costed quite a lot of money, but I`m glad I`m able to do this for my grandfather.


My plane goes to Turkey and from there I`m going to catch another flight to Pakistan. Ah, can`t wait to meet and hug everyone, especially my grandfather. 


I thought about it for a while. Back and forth. With tears in my eyes and a voice that was about to crack I said to my mum who was getting ready to go to Pakistan “can`t I go too?” Now I`m off to Pakistan. Yep, it`s a decision I had to make to at least get a little peace of mind. To not regret anything. Several family members are already there and I`m going too tomorrow. I told myself earlier this year that if I was going to Pakistan, I`d be going in December, because it`s “colder” there then. I can barely handle the heat, it gets too much for me, I feel sticky, uncomfortable, it literally gets inside my mind especially during Ramadan. I can`t drink water. But I`m going, because the cause is so much bigger and more important than that. I`ll survive the weather, I know very well it`ll be a struggle, but I`ll survive. I feel exhausted right now, but I`ll survive. I need to meet my dear grandfather. I need to hug him, I need to see him. I need to know that I was there. I`m done with my exams and I have a three months long vacation now, so I have the opportunity to go. And I`m going. Regrets are harsh, knowing that you could`ve done so much better can tear you up. I don`t want the regrets to eat me yp, so I`m going to try. It might be easy to stay right here now, away from the hot weather and struggles there, but I know deep inside my heart that if I stay here, I`m going to regret so much. And I can`t let that happen. I can`t wake up tomorrow and think “what about the one last time we never got”


So? I`m catching the plane tomorrow afternoon and going to spend some time with my family, and then especially my grandmother there. I`m not sure exactly when I`ll be back, but I should be back before by the middle of August.

Thanks for your prayers, I hope you keep sending them to him. Take care, everyone. Hopefully we`ll talk soon. 


I`ve been commuting for quite some years now. During my last months of secondary I had to travel about four hours a day, and when I moved to Fetsund in 2013 it took me between two and three hours every day to get to school and back home. I`ve been commuting to Oslo now for almost two years, so I can for sure say I have some experience when it comes to commuting. I know where to sit, I know where to stand and I know when the trains are going to departure and arrive in my head. But, I also know where not to sit and what to be aware of while travelling. Here are some things that can be quite annoying when you`re on your way from school after a long day and you only want to get home and have some dinner.


⚡️ People who walk inside the train before the people who already are on the train and really want to leave the train, can leave the train. I mean… that pretty much only creates chaos. I get that you`re desperate to find an available seat, but a clever man said patience is a virtue.

⚡️ When there`s one minute left before the train departures and you`re running up the stairs like Usain Bolt (I first wrote “Osama Bolt, haha…) to catch it on time, but people just have to stand in your way. I don`t know how many times I`ve missed a train because of this. Let`s not forget that the next train usually comes after an hour. Ain`t that fun to miss a train, I`m telling you.

⚡️ Imagine you`ve had a long day, and you`re looking forward to sitting in the silence zone of the train to enjoy some minutes of peace. Suddenly someone barges in and is talking loudly on the phone. I get that not everyone can tell it`s a quiet zone, but I`ve actually met people who know that and still talk. I confronted two guys with it once, who said “well, you`re not sleeping, are you?” No, I sure wasn`t sleeping but I sure do not pay more than 100 dollars for my monthly ticket for nothing.

⚡️ People who listen to very, very, veeeeery loud music. I`m sure it`s not only annoying for me, but for other people too, but I wonder how the people with headphones stuck in inside their ears can listen to that loud music and not worry about getting deaf? It`s a little more annoying when I`m trying to read a book and the person next to me is listening to an old hit… Thank you, but no thanks.

⚡️People who put their bag on the seat next to them or their suitcase(s) next to them during rush time. I mean… is your bag or suitcase a living person, since it needs a seat for itself? The other day a guy came and this young woman had put her bag on the seat next to her. The guy said “hey, can I sit on the seat of your bag?” C`mon.


The past few years I`ve been travelling a lot, and a lot more is yet left to do! There are so many places I want to go and the crazy part is that there are so many hidden gems out there that I don`t know about. So, here are some places I want to visit!


I went there last summer, mainly to fulfill a huuuuge dream of mine, which was to visit the Anne Frank Museum. I spent about two days in Amsterdam, so the hope now is to visit Amsterdam and have at least five days there. I want to see the canals again, take a boat, visit Utrecht, the Van Gogh Museum, visit Westerbork camp, eat a lot of croissants and of course visit the Anne Frank Museum again.



I have no particular places in India I`d like to go to, but I just want to encounter the Indian culture and see for myself what life there is like. My parents are from Pakistan and I`ve spent some time in Pakistan so I do have an idea, but India is also different in some ways. The fashion, the streets, the food, the people… Seems really fascinating! And this might sound weird, but I want to see the poverty and the struggles people are facing there. Hopefully I can help at least someone.

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Le Paris! We were planning to visit the capital of le France 2-3 years ago with my family in Germany, but the plans went out the window. I want to see the Eiffel Tower, eat a lot of croissants (who doesn`t love them), get my hands on French fashion and hopefully learn a little French. And let`s not forget Disneyland!


Sara`s been to Rome and she loves the city and the country. I`m very interested in history, so this is another destination I want to go to because of the architecture and the buildings there which bring you back to the old days, and because of the atmosphere. I have an aunt who lives in Italy, so I`d also like to visit her one day!

Bilderesultat for rome streetsBilderesultat for rome colours


I`ve been to Prague before, it`s such a harmonic and beautiful city! It`s almost six years ago since I was there, so first of all I want to visit all the places I went to then plus see more of the historical places that I still haven`t discovered. Plus, everything is so cheaper here!


I`ve heard a lot about this country. It looks beautiful. I mean, look at the markets and the deserts there? I think this would be another country with a very interesting culture.

Bilderesultat for styleconnection marokkoBilderesultat for styleconnection marokko


Another capital I went to back in 2012. I still remember walking around and looking for things I wanted to buy. What a new experience it was to be out of the country and buy things for my own. Krakow is a very beautiful city, with a lot to show. I want to visit the consentration camps again and the salt mine. I also want to do a lot of shopping here, and see the parts of Krakow that I didn`t get to see years ago!

Bilderesultat for krakow blogg.noBilderesultat for krakow blogg.no

So, that are some places I want to visit! Where would you like to go? Do you have any favourite destinations? Or maybe you have any trips booked already? I`d love to hear about them!


✨ The things that I bought from Germany. I`ve finally got some knitted sweaters that I`ve been wearing quite a lot lately. Some of you might have seen the red ones. There are some that I haven`t tried yet, which I`m also very excited about.

✨ Speaking of Germany – I haven`t told you what happened on my way home from Germany. So, I only had hand baggage as luggage wasn`t included in my ticket. I knew very well it was too heavy, but I couldn`t leave some of my stuff in Germany, haha. But, a man stopped me while I was on my way to the plane. He said my suitcase was too big and therefore I had to check it in. The reason that I hadn`t already done that, is because I didn`t think it was that necessary. I also thought it`d be great to be able to get off the plane and have “nothing to declare”. But, this man insisted so I followed him. I was glad I didn`t had to pay anything. He was like “you`ve got 15 KGS, you do know that is too much?” and I tried to act “innocent”, haha… The woman behind the counter looked at me in a way which said “poor girl”, because the man looked a little grumpy. He was saying something on German and of course I had no idea what he was saying. I asked them if my baggage would manage to arrive Oslo on time, because I was going to take another flight from Paris. “Yeah, of course”, was the answer I got, so I went on board and arrived Oslo safely. Turned out my baggage was stuck in France. The reason was unknown and I was a liiiittle disappointed. I was so excited to open my baggage and show my family what I had got. Happily the airport was going to drive it to my house the next day. I was SO happy when they came to my house and I saw my suitcase, haha.

✨ On the plane from Paris to Oslo, I was sitting next to this young woman. She seemed very sweet, but it was towards the end that we actually started talking. We were both not able to close our tables, which made us laugh. Turned out she was going to meet her sister in Oslo and lived in Germany. She asked me about a street in the city and I helped her by telling her how to get there. She was very sweet and when we said goodbye, she hugged me, to my surprise. I really hope she had a great time in Norway!

✨ The fact that I got up early today, even though I had today off and I wanted to stay in bed. Not only that, I got ready and went out for a walk! I`ve decided that the days I don`t go out to do anything, I at least have to go out for a walk. It was quite windy today, but getting fresh air every day is so important!


✨ Going to bed with soft, clean sheets. Little things like that can make you feel so good!

✨ Being able to read books that aren`t part of the syllabus. During the exams, I didn`t read that much. I`m trying to read more books as there are wayyy too many books that I want to read.

✨ Also happy because I`m going to visit the library tomorrow to pick up a book I`ve been wanting to read for some time!

✨ Right now I`m VERY excited about the newest episode of “Baaghi!”. I`m hooked as you perhaps can tell, haha. The episode came out a while ago and I`m going to watch it now.

What have made you happy lately? Share some positivity below!
Hope everyone`s having a lovely day!



I don`t want this blog to become a place where I all the time tell you guys about my travel sickness, but bear with me, haha… Who doesn`t love travelling?! I keep longing for Germany.  The past years I`ve been travelling somewhere every year, mostly Germany. For now I`ll have to stay where I am, but hopefully I`ll be on a plane soon! My travel sickness wasn`t like this when I came back from Amsterdam, even though I really enjoyed my time there and it was a dream come true. I think it`s “worse” this time because after all, I spent time with my family there and it was chill. Today I called my male cousin and asked him about a song he had been listening to while I was there. I`ve already been listening to it five times, so no way I`m going to forget the time I spent there anytime soon.