Ah, guys!! There haven`t really been updates from me. As you know I`ve been a buddy this week and it`s been so much fun! I definetely recommend everyone to be buddies for international students – meeting Norwegians wouldn`t have been that fun. It`s been so nice to talk to people from everywhere – people who`ve been living their lives somewhere else and have their experiences and baggage. I and S (I`ll call her that on here, she studies with me) were buddies for a group and so there were social events every day that we went to together. We taught them about Norway, about Oslo and about our kind of world – and they taught us about themselves. We met them at Monday and showed them the campus at University of Oslo and some parts of Oslo. At Tuesday we had this “Russe-party” at Sognsvann, at Wednesday we went on this hike (which was amazing, by the way) and at Thursday it was time for the “Blindern games” and a quiz. Friday was great as we did fun challenges together and Saturday was the last day, whereas I and one of new students hang out in Oslo and had fun together. I can`t believe it`s already over?! I miss it all way too much, I`m not ready to forreal start the second year and focus on my studies. Hopefully it`ll be easier than it looks like right now.

I find it so weird how we didn`t even know who they were one week ago, and now we do, We had yet to meet them at this day last week, and now we`ve already met then and talked to them. I bet they were excited, thrilled, amused, nervous and perhaps a little sad about leaving their family and friends for some few months. I really hope they`ve enjoyed the Freshers Week and that they enjoy their stay here in Norway. ♡

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A huge thank you to everyone who made the past seven days great! Now it`s time to get back to old routines and old habits. First lecture is happening today! Hope you guys have an amazing summer and are ready to go back to school and work. And if you`re still enjoying your vacation – keep enjoying it. I already miss mine.



Good morning, guys! How are you doing this Friday? I`m pretty much “back to business” today – I`m off to school very soon. Since I`m going to be a “buddy” next week (an experienced student who helps new students), I`m going to a course today where we`re going to get all the information we need, in order to be great buddies. I`m excited, as I`m going to be a buddy for international students. I met some last year and find it so cool to get to know people from other countries and other experiences! Hopefully I`ll find someone to stay in touch with. 🙂

For days it rained here so much, that I started to understand what it must be like to live in the UK and encounter rain pretty much all the time. Not that I`m complaining – it hasn`t really been cold outside. However, it`s sunny today. I`m wearing my new skirt and new sweater, which is making me so happy. Amsterdam vibes, haha.


Summer in Amsterdam. Crazy how I`ve “already” been there and how time passes by.

I better get running now, talk to you later! Have an amazing day. ♥



Hey HELLO guys!! How are you doing? Ah, I rarely stress , but if I`m stressed I`m REALLY stressed. Take today for an instance, because of the exam. I`m so glad I`ve handed it in, but I`m so insecure about it. I noticed some few stupid writing mistakes that shouldn`t really affect my grade, but God, where was my brain when I was reading through the exam? It is what it is, I can`t do anything about it now apart from pray that everything works out well. But seriously – I couldn`t even print out new examples, so I had to stick with the ones that I already had. I just hope I had enough theory and examples – that should do. Note to myself: Be a little more effective and make sure everything with the printers at home and school are okay and working because you never know!

Phew, okay. Just as I handed in the exam, I could relax. Breathe. And guess who said she prefers “home-exams”? Haha, now I`m kind of looking forward to the last two school-exams that I have – one`s already next week and I`m a little nervous, but also a little excited.



Hey, guys! How are you doing? I`m okay, just a little worried about the exam I`m writing right now, because I don`t really know where it`s going. I`ve realised that even though you think your exam is very good, the examinators don`t think the same as you. It`s kind of weird, though. I`m 19 and my exam will be judged by people who`re at least 40++ and they expect me to know how to write academically and all that, like how and why? We haven`t even really been taught how to write a proper exam – I just feel like the teachers speak in codes whenever I ask them what you should do to get an A or a B. Well well, I`m sure I`ll learn but it`s just nerve-wrecking to know you`re doing well, but it might not be good enough for the examinators. Does anyone else feel the same way about exams and the evaluation? Can`t wait to hand in this “home-exam” – afterwards I`ve got two exams left and I can focus on one at a time.

I bet some of my followers are revising too these days, because it`s that time of the year again, and are nervous/excited about exams. Good luck, everyone. Give 100 % – I know you can. 🙂 tumblr_moux9jyZQ91svc7fpo1_500



I joined university about seven months ago, so I thought I`d share some tips/advices with you guys! I thought I knew what it`d be like to join the university, but I was taken by surprise and that`s why the first semester was a little hard for me. Here in Norway we have something called “university college” – I know some people only call it “college”, but basically it`s not exactly a university. Anywho, I believe at least some of these advices can be noted down by all students out there SO here are some things I wish someone had told me last year. Also, sorry I didn`t post this yesterday – I slept 3 hours two days ago, so I had to catch up on some sleep. But better late than never, right?

First things first – University isn`t like high-School. “Oh, wow, what a surprise – NOT” you might be thinking, but for someone like me so many people are way too many people, haha. I went from seeing perhaps 50-75 people in high-School to seeing more than 200 people every day. Perhaps even more than that. The thing is – a university is not “personal”. There are people everywhere, doing their own thing and I find that both a negative and a positive thing. When I joined high-School, everything was so new the first month, but after that I felt like Nannestad became “my place”, if you know what I mean? I don`t think that`s ever going to happen at the university, haha… I think it`s important to know that university won`t be like high-school at all. My greatest advice for you will be to visit universities whenever they`re having “open days” for high-school students or people who`re considering joining a university soon. Ask the professors as much as you want to – don`t be scared. No questions are stupid questions – they`ve been students theirselves, so they know a lot. You`re new to this. I don`t know if other universities have those, but we had small lectures so we could get a little taste of what the course`s like and what we`ll learn. Do as much as you to find out what you can do and talk with people who know what they`re talking about.

For a long time I had an idea about what I wanted to do in life. I`ve always wanted to help people, but as I became more socially engaged, I became more aware of my interests and what topics attract me. So, last year I realised I find different societies, cultures and human beings interested. I wanted to find more about how people think, I wanted to seek knowledge about different ways of living and understanding the world. I had and still have SO MANY interests that I don`t know where to begin, so when I finally applied, my list included various courses: sociology, social anthropology, history, philosophy, psychology.. All ending with “y”, haha. Anywho, for a long time I was standing between sociology and social anthropology, as it was hard to tell the difference between these two, but as you might know, I ended up with social anthropology. I did a lot of research, talked with people and called the university because I wanted to be sure about what I`wanted to do. Maybe that had something to do with my wish to not waste any time and go for exactly wanted I wanted, instead of being insecure and just see if it was something for me. If you`re not like me when it comes to that, then it`s alright, but no matter what you do: Do what YOU want to do because YOU want to go for it. I recommend you to do a lot of research online. Know what you can do, what opportunities you have. I had no idea I had the option to study the democrazy, hindi or criminality. So please do a lot of research, because in case you haven`t found your dream course – who knows, it might exist without you not even knowing?

If I end up doing a master in social anthropology, I`ll end up with the title “anthropologist”. Many don`t know what exactly an anthropologist can do and to be honest, I had no idea either. But, now I know better. You can be a professor, a teacher, a researcher, a councelor, a journalist. Or you can work in different organisations such as Amnesty. Some people have told me that I won`t get a job with a degree in anthropology, but I just think that people should chill. Way too many people are worried about money, the future and jobs – I believe people should be more worried about their dreams, hopes and wishes. Worry more about the knowledge you`re seeking. In today`s world there`s not really a road which is “straight forward”. Most people know that a PhD in medicine gives a person the title “doctor” and most people know what a doctor does. But with many other courses, especially social sciences, it`s not that easy. As a therapist you can end up at a place you never had imagined. The same goes for sociologist, anthropologists. When I visited the university, I met a woman who had a master degree in history. I thought she was working as a researcher, or maybe as a teacher. I was therefore taken by surprise when she told me she was working with TV. She was offered a job, which included that. So the lesson is – it`s natural to worry and think of it, of course it is. But not let it worry you that much, that it stops you from doing what you want to do. In today`s society you don`t really know where you`ll end up in the market and you don`t know what doors will open up for you. The key is to be open-minded and chase your dreams – the rest will settle down on its own.

I`ve given you some advices now, but no matter what you do – the greatest advice of them all is: Follow your heart, not your brain. Thinking “Oh, I`ll become a doctor, because I`ll earn so much money then”, might give you money, but it won`t give you a long-lasting happiness. It won`t give you that good feeling every morning, when you wake up and have to get ready for a new day at work. Reflect not only upon the future, but now. Reflect upon what you want to learn and what you can do with that knowledge. Education isn`t only education and a safer way to get a job – it`s knowledge. Learn what you want to learn, do what you want to do and make the world a better place.

Good luck. large (24).jpg

PS: If you have any questions – do leave a comment below and I`ll answer.


Posting yesterday was hard, but it was worth it. Writing down my feelings and thoughts have always helped me and I`m so glad God gave me thhe ability to do exactly that. Thanks to everyone who read my post – if you haven`t read it yet, you can HERE.


Today`s been another Wednesday and I`ve spent most of the day correcting and reading through my assignment. Tomorrow is the deadline for the exam in philosophy, and I can`t wait to shrug off this burden.

I`m going to go back to work now, maybe I have to stay up tonight to be satisfied with it. We`ll see, we`ll see. Tomorrow I`ll post a blogpost about picking what to do after high-school, advices and what you should do if you`re about to graduate and don`t exactly know what to do. Or for you whom have no idea how to think of the future. 🙂 Stay tuned!


Eilert_Sundts_hus_UiO.jpg         This is my faculty.  //Source:  Wikimedia   

Hey guys!

God, my second week has passed by and I actually am a student now. I find it weird and insane how I used to spend every day at school with the same people and now I just don`t see them anymore? I`ve gotten to know some students and I must say many of them are so kind and helpful! Ah, hopefully everybody will keep it up the next months too!

I`ve been so busy this week, I`m not used to leave the house in the morning and be back in the evening. So I`m sorry about not blogging so much, but that`ll change from now on.

Since I haven`t really told you guys that much about university, here are some “fun facts”:

  • I have lectures/seminars three days a week. Sometimes even less, so I have Wednesdays and Fridays off. Wohooo!!
  • In high-school we never had to buy our books. Now we have to do that and our syllabus is very huge. We have to get everything on our own and be independent. I wish someone had prepared us for this!! Or at least had given us more information during the vacation, so we could`ve fixed certain things.. But, I`m sure I`ll manage. I just need to get used to it. 🙂
  • This week we did several things too – we learned about the different unions through different stands, we went to pubs, we had lectures, we went to this island, we switched groups and spent a good time at someone`s place, we had lunch with some of our professors, we had an “initiation-ritual” (I have no idea if that`s what they call it in English) and a tour in the museum. As you perhaps can tell, we did a lot!! And no, pubs aren`t my thing and will never be either. I decided to join the event as I thought we`d go from place to place and not stay there for about an hour each. I prefer socializing in a park! The starter`s week is over now, so I think our lives as students actually begin now..
  • I`m studying in Oslo, it takes about 40-45 minutes to get there. Not much at all!

I think there`s more, but I can`t remember it right away, haha! Hope everyone`s had a good week – tomorrow I`ll be back with something I`ve wanted to write for quite a while now.