Maybe you`re 18 or 19 and trying to find out what to study. Or you`re 25 and ready to go back to school. You can find several advices out there, on what to do. You should check out what different colleges and universities offer, what possibilities you have and visit different schools. I did that about two years ago, and honestly got more and more confused. It was good to know what options I have out there and find bachelors that I thought looked quite interesting. On the other hand, it`s not that easy to take 9 bachelors at the same time. I had several bachelors on my list and kept changing their positions till the deadline.

What helped me, was not thinking “what is something I`m going to make the most money out of” or “what`s beneficial for me to study considering the future job market”. I`ve been told social anthropology isn`t beneficial, it`s apparently not the most attractive bachelor to do, but I didn`t really have in mind what`s most attractive and not in the job marked when I applied for the studies. I was standing between sociology and social anthropology for several weeks. I kept switching between them, because both seemed interesting, but I ended up with social anthropology. IMG_2224Why? Because it seemed interesting and it was something I thought that I would like. The whole idea of studying something because it`ll be beneficial for you later on when it comes to applying for jobs, isn`t that attractive to me. We need everyone, we need people who`ve studied different things. We need firemen, policemen, teachers, doctors, engineers, psychologists, sociologists, priests – you get it. I chose what I wanted to, what I liked or thought I`d like and that`s what I recommend you to do too, if you`re not sure about what you should study. You should study something you want to! After all, you`re the one who`s going to spend your time on it.


And if you`re not sure about what you want or like, then I can advice you to talk to a councelor or visit different universities. Maybe you`ll find out you can do a minor in something else in your bachelor? Like me – I`m taking some history courses now along with the anthropology ones.  I also want to say that even though I`m soon done with my second year, I`m not 100 % sure about whether I`m studying what`s right for me or not. I`ve during these two years many times thought of doing something else, I`ve looked up other courses and bachelors I`ve found interesting. Right now I`m thinking of taking a bachelor in sociology after this one, which says something about how commited (not) I am to what I`m studying right now. Don`t get me wrong, I find it interesting but I think the academic stuff is different from what it is really like in the job market or in the field. I`m not the biggest fan of the academic world either. So, don`t think that everyone who`s studying knows what they`re doing – I can assure you many of us don`t! It`s a process, it takes time to figure what exactly you want to go for. Maybe you`re supposed to study more than just one thing? Who knows. Trust yourself enough to know that you`ll find the right road one day.

Good luck. 😎 If you have any questions about what I`m studying, what life at the university can be like or more advices, let me know. I`ll try to help as much as I can. 💕




Today when I got up, my mum said “it`s -10 outside today”. I didn`t want to believe it, but yep, it was quite cold this morning compared to yesterday. What`s going on, Norway? I was right when I said last week that spring isn`t arriving anytime soon, but I wanted to change my mind yesterday when I was able to walk outside without scarves, gloves and with my jacket open. Happily it got “warmer” in the afternoon and I think spring is not that far away (even though it snowed just yesterday. Norway, you know). Also, I started crying this morning when I heard about Stephen Hawking… I wasn`t a fan of him, but I “grew up” knowing his name and knowing who he was. It feels like everyone`s slowly dying – Michael Jackson, Sri Devi, and now Stephen Hawking. It scares me. Stephen was such an inspiring person and despite the circumstances, he never gave up. Like he said: ” However difficult life may seem, there`s always something you can do, and succeed at. It matters that you just don`t give up.” Not only did he say that, he also lived according to it his whole life.


I went to the Pakistani Embassy today to pick up my mum`s passport, and then went to school. I and some other students talked about how tired we are of the university and how want to get out, which all of us are next semester (thank God). I`m looking very excited to go to Maastricht next semester!! (I was about to say tomorrow. Yes, I`m in a hurry). By the way, one of the students I talked with yesterday is also going to study at the University of Maastricht. So, turns out I`ll know one person when I`m there, haha, but I bet that`ll be nice.



Ahhh, guys!! I don`t even know where to begin. Sure, I did put India at the top when I applied, but I`m happy I got in somewhere and I`m satisifed with getting the opportunity to study and live in the Netherlands for a few months. I said yes to the offer today, after a meeting for everyone else on my faculty who also got an offer. I also got to know who`s going to be my exchange coordinator. Remember when I had a councelor meeting before the deadline and I mentioned how helpful the guy was? He`s going to be my coordinator, which I`m happy about! There are quite a lot of things to do and plan now, but thankfully there`s going to be a coordinator who`s going to guide us through most of the process and answer our questions. 🙂

Thank you for all the well wishes and the advices, by the way. I appreciate your kindness and support, and I can`t wait to see what this new chapter holds for me. //photo: source



Bilderesultat for mikuta white sweater

Hey folks.

So, I`ve been waiting and waiting to get a reply from the university and the exchange studies. I wasn`t expecting to get any feedback before Thursday, but… I checked my mail a while ago and it turns out they`ve said no.

It goes without saying that I`m disappointed, sad and yeah.. God, I was so excited about this and was almost sure I`d get in somewhere. The reason I didn`t get in is pretty much that my grades aren`t good enough and I guess I can only scold myself for that, but but. What`s done, is done and I can only look forward.

I`m still not going to give up – I`m going to complain and I`m off to the office tomorrow to get my answers. I want to thank everyone who`s been so supportive, please keep me in your thoughts/prayers, because I really really really want this. 

//photo: source 


Yesterday turned out to be a nice day – Thea came over and my family spent some time with her. She was going to be her for a little while, but suddenly she spent almost two hours here. I haven`t seen Thea since Sara went to Australia, so it was nice to see her. ❤️ We`re trying to make some plans, so we can go to the cinema (finalllyyyy). Hopefully next time we see each other will be soon.


Here in Norway it`s time for the winter holidays, which those of us who are in universiy/university college aren`t enjoying. But, let`s say I`m on my winter holidays as I don`t have any other classes rest of the week. 😉 I still have to study, but in my opinion it`s better to do that at home or at a library not far from where you live. Plus, it`s hard to focus when I think of the fact that I`ll get to know where (maybe I should say if, but I`m pretty sure I`ll get admission somewhere) I`m going to study abroad. Aaah, can`t wait!!! Speaking of that – I got a little too confused yesterday, as I started thinking I had put the wrong university at the top of my list. I sent an e-mail to the university and thankfully they fixed it!

I came home a while ago and now it`s soon time for dinner. Talk to ya later!


Relatert bildeThe deadline for exchange studies was yesterday and of course I applied.  I`ve applied different faculties, as I don`t really need to study social anthropology while I study abroad. I also ended up adding some more countries to my list, like the USA and France. But, of course there are some places I prefer more than others… Nevertheless, I`ll be happy to just get the opportunity to get out there. Imagine that? Packing your life in a suitcase and “moving” to another country for 3-4 months? How thrilling and nerve-wrecking isn`t that?

I`ll get a mail from the university in a couple of days, which I`m both excited and nervous about. I`m glad we don`t have to wait so long!




I`ve been studying for more than one and a half year now. It`s been interesting, it`s been weird, it`s been impersonal and it`s been too much. I`m the kind of person with too many interests, so I applied for several various courses, like sociology, psychology, philosophy.. and, of course social anthropology. It took me some time to figure out that was what I wanted. Before joining the university, I thought I knew what I was going to, but it turned out I didn`t. Not only was the syllabus too much for someone who only had maximum two books in each subject during high-school – the university was and is impersonal. There are too many people (kind of goes without saying), which makes the university too impersonal for me. Maybe it`s because I went to a school which was primary and secondary school, and we were ca. 100 students in total.

Right now I`m studying social anthropology, which is basically a study in which you learn about different cultures and societies and you compare them to each other. The main thing (at least that`s how I`ve understood it) is to try to understand how different people live their lives. Very interesting, but I was kind disappointed when I first started studying it, because it was different than what I had imagined. We learn more about small places or cultures and socities we`ve never heard about, than cultures we actually have some sort of associations with. Not that we shouldn`t learn anything about them at all or that it can`t be interesting, but how are we going to use the knowledge we gain by getting to know how some people live on the Trobriand Islands later, when we`re going to start working? What`s the relevance? I imagined we`d learn about bigger cultures and socities, things we somehow can relate more to and bigger phenomena. For example: during last semester, I was doing a course called “persuasions and world views”. It would`ve been really interesting and more relevant if we learned about how some Christians, Muslim, Hinduists, Jews and Buddhists live and practise their beliefs in their daily lives. I think that`d be more relevant for us, in the world we live in.

If I decide to do a Master, I will have to do fieldwork for about six months. I could decide what country I`d like to visit and what I`d want to study there. I see the relevance more when it comes to that, than right now, to be honest. I guess that`s why I chose to continue with social anthropology, because after all I`ll write a bachelor essay on a topic (or topics) I find interesting and because I`ve become more aware of that people live their lives according to what they think is right or logical, which is important in the anthropological field.

As you perhaps can tell, I`m not 100 % satisfied with studying social anthropology, but maybe that`s just how it is? Maybe other students aren`t completely satisfied with what they`re studying either? I can imagine myself doing another Bachelor in the future, and I also want to do some single courses in different topics. After having watched the show “Baaghi”, I`ve been wanting to do some courses on gender. I`ve also been considering some courses in psychology, sociology, philosophy etc.

Whenever people ask me what I want to do later on with what I`m studying right now, I don`t really know. I know that I want to help people, but I don`t really know how and where I`m going to do that. So, we`ll have to see where I end up.