This post was going to be posted yesterday, but better late than never. 😉 


On Sunday we got up kind of late and had a great breakfast. There`s no good holiday without good food. I looove croissants and could have them every, single day. It`s not a part of a typical breakfast in Norway, but it looks like that`s the case here in Germany, as they`re easier to get here. In the afternoon a friend of my aunt and her daughters came over, and once again we had a great meal. We eat pretty much all the time. Either it`s yoghurt, icecream, chocolate or just a normal meal, haha. IMG_1872

A Pakistani/Indian suit I wore on Sunday. Really like it!

Today we`re going to visit this friend of my aunt, so we need to get ourselves some breakfast soon and get ready. We got up early today, because… there are some workers inside the house since myy aunt`s getting her toilet re-made (they`re going to do that in the whole building), so they`re here 7-8 AM and leave 6 o clock in the evening. Wayyy too annoying, but at least we`re leaving the house for some hours today. They`ve put some toilets outside the building and this morning we woke up to the noise of drills. This is for sure a holiday I`m going to remember, haha.



I`ve been on holidays for over a week now, and I still have more than two weeks to go. Or let`s say three weeks, because I`m having only one lecture on the very first day. Ah, I`m starting to feel the holiday vibes. I`m sitting here, sipping on some hot chocolate and wearing the most tick pair of socks that I own. My feet have been living in them the past weeks. It`s finally christmas vacation for my brother and mum too (my mum`s going back to work on Wednesday, I feel sorry for her, haha..) and most people are ready to spend a lot of time with their families and friends. Maybe I`m saying this because I live a little outside the city, but I feel like the last days of the year is about stepping back and relaxing. Thinking about the year that has passed by and enjoying the last days of the year. Then what? Suddenly it`s New Years and people are going back to work on the 2nd and 3rd. The same old. IMG_1773

Our neighbours came with christmas presents yesterday (even though we don`t celebrate it). We got a doormat and some chocolate – how nice isn`t that? 🙂


How are you guys doing? Do you celebrate Christmas? I`m going to finish my hot chocolate now and write a post about something I`ve been thinking about for a while. Talk to ya in a little bit! ♥


Tuesday evening was so amazing. I went to Sara`s place and spent some great time with her and Thea. We had pizza, popcorn and cookies while watching a movie. It`s called “Pay it forward” and is such an inspirational money. It`s about how a person, in this case a boy, is able to implement. How good deeds can change our mind sets and make the world a better place to live in. The ending is way too sad, but I really recommend you guys to see it. I`m not sure if I had seen it before as the movie`s from 2000, but it was a good thing I saw it again, though. After the movie we (or they, haha) made some chocolate milkshake with cream and chopped chocolate on top of it and played some games. It`s so fun to play games with your friends, I don`t get why more people don`t play them? Whenever I visit my cousins we play ludo together – the time passes by so quickly and it`s so much fun. Sara is off to Australia next month, so this was the last time this year that the three of us spent some time together. I`m going to miss her a lot! ♥

I`m enjoying my vacation so far. I got up eight o clock this morning and watched the movie “The Perks of Being A Wallflower” while eating breakfast and drinking hot chocolate. Another great movie I recommend. It was so relaxing to be at home all alone and have some me-time. I`m definetely going to do that tomorrow morning too.


Right now I`m listening to old songs of Lana Del Rey (my kind of Christmas music, haha) and I`m soon going to start watching a Norwegian documentary series about what the pressure the beauty standards especially women face, can do. Have a nice evening.


Sometimes you need a break and I guess that`s what I needed and still need. I`m finally done with my last exam and can finally relax forreal. I can`t explain to you guys how happy I`m about exactly that – I`m not going to touch any school-related books for at least a week now, haha.

Relatert bilde

This vacation is going to do me so good. I`m going to clear up my book shelves, tidy my wardrobe, read the books that have been waiting for me, watch movies and just chill. I need to motivate myself for a new semester and new year too. Ah, there`s something about this year. It`s not only about finishing another semester, it`s about saying bye to another year. It`s about grasping all the memories and moments you`ve made the last months and getting ready to make new ones. For me a new year isn`t a fresh new beginning, it`s just another chapter that follows. It`s a part of what makes my story whole.

Now I need to take a very quick shower and get ready, I`m going to visit Sara today. What a greay way to start this vacation. 💗


Ramadan destroyes my good routines. Today I woke up 09.15 AM, but somehow fell asleep again and woke up 12.30 PM. I don`t like waking up that late at all. Let`s just say thank God it`s summer and vacation. We have some of the longest fasts in the world, as we break our fast about 22.40 now. Since there`s not that much space between Iftari (when we break our fast) and Sehri (“pre-dawn meal, the meal we have before we start our next fast) I don`t sleep between these two meals, but stay up instead. I eat Sehri early and go to bed between 1.30 and 3 AM. Also, maybe it`s just me, but even though I fast for about 20 hours, I don`t feel that hungry when I break my fast. Some people think that`s insane, but I prefer to think I`m just not the kind of person to starve (at least not yet). 😉

Apart from fasting and sleeping I`ve been reading a book about Norwegian-Pakistanis, and yesterday I started a book about anorexia. The writer is a quite well-known journalist and social activist here in Norway. She had anorexia for several years, and she shares her story. I`ve just started it, so I can`t say that much about it, apart from that it`s an impressive book written by a strong person.




I don`t think I`ve mentioned this before, but after my grandmother died, I needed a change. And I found out that I wanted to have short hair. I`ve never really had that short hair, I`ve always had long hair and ever since I learned braiding last year, I`ve been obsessed about trying new hairstyles all the time. But, I cut my hair exactly one month after my grandmother died and on the day school started – and I love my hair! I was taken by surprise first time I ran my fingers – it was so short and my hair came to “an end” too fast, if that makes any sense. But, I love my short hair and I`m glad I`ve tried this out too! It`s so easy to wash, take care of and some hairstyles are easier and more practical now.

What`s up, this Friday? So far I`ve been way too lazy, but I guess it`s alright. It`s Easter, after all. I`m going to be a little more productive now, though. By the way – thank you so much for 60 follows, guys. I really appreciate it. 🙂 Happy Easter! Hope you`re having a great weekend. (And vacation, if you`re that lucky)



Today I realised how I haven`t updated you guys for quite a while. I`ve been in Germany as you know, and I wanted to spend my time with my family. But, now I`m back in Norway. Am I happy or sad? Both, I think. It`s nice to be back to everything I know, but I enjoyed my time in Germany and I miss my family. Not to mention the cheap prices, haha.. I started missing them the second I entered the shops at the airport here. I understand that people here earn quite a lot and that everything is priced according to the payments here, but Germany`s very cheap for us Norwegians and that`s perhaps why I did a lot of shopping. But that`s another story.

This is perhaps the longest I`ve been away from Norway, which was quite nice. We went out to Frankfurt once and did a lot of shopping there. I couldn`t wait to visit Primark, which we did. I don`t get why we don`t have that shop here in Norway?? I spent a lot of time with my cousins, joking around, playing Ludo (which has become a tradition now). This is the third time I`ve been there alone and I`ve always noticed how they live their lives there in Germany and how I have my own life here in Norway. They have their own ways of doing things and their own routines. For example: Here in Norway we don`t have to buy water – we get it straight from the tap, but my family in Germany has to buy water. To me that`s not normal, so each time I`ve been there, I`ve went straight to the tap to drink water, haha. This is a little thing, but there are several things that I could`ve mentioned.

Anywho, I had a really great time in Germany. Did a lot of shopping, spent time with my cousins which made me laugh all the time. When I was in bed every night, I told myself life`s weird. There I was, lying in my cousins` room. They made a lot of noise while getting ready for bed, which I enjoyed, haha. And now? I lie all alone in my room at night and it`s so peaceful. The contrasts. I miss Germany so much – I miss hugging my cousins and I miss them being annoying, because behind their crazy behaviour there was kindness and I guess that`s what you call love.

I came back this Friday and thought everything would go like usual. I was about to pick up my baggage, but it never showed up. I asked the workers at the airport about it and they told me some of the baggage hadn`t been transported on the scheduled time. I have no idea how that`s possible, but I had to wait for the next flight from Frankfurt which was arriving in about 2 and a half hours time. So I and this other girl waited together. Thank you for being my company, girl. I have no idea what I would`ve done there alone. My brother went home as I didn`t want him to wait for that long with me. I was so happy when I finally got my baggage, but I missed the train. So I had to wait about 25 minutes for the next train. I live on a hill, so I had to drag my baggage up and God, I was so frustrated and couldn`t wait to be home, but I was also so tired and I just wasn`t fast enough, haha.

But now I`m finally home. I wish I could go back, but I`m thankful for having the opportunity to visit my family and another country. It`s going to take some time for my mind to get back on track, as I  miss Germany (that`s me in a nutshell..), but at least I`m back on track here. I hope everyone`s been having an amazing summer!! Let`s make the days that are left amazing too. 🙂