Some time ago Suze nominated me for Liebster Award. I don`t do awards, but I like many of the questions I`m asked so I thought I`d do it as a “get-to-know-me-better” post. 🙂 Thanks to Suze, by the way. I really appreciate it. Nice to know someone out there finds my blog amazing and worthy of praise.


Where do you get your ideas?

From life, people and dreams. I`m so glad my mind is not see through.

What is your writing process like?

Haha, so ..I dream. And then I really mean a lot. To me, they`re inspiration. I write a lot for myself which I don`t share with anyone. It depends on what I`m writing, but mostly I prefer to just write. It`s a little harder when I write by hand as I want it to be written neatly. I let my mind drift away and write everything down without any filters. I think that if you keep going back and checking what you write, it`s easy to get stuck. Grasp the things around you with silence and try to make something out of them by words.

Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly?

Of course. Not everybody feels emotions so strongly, but that doesn`t mean they don`t have anything they`d like to share.

What one thing would you give up to become a better writer?

The voice inside my head which isn`t fearless and tells me to stop.

What is your favorite childhood book?

You mean my favourite book of all times? The diary of Anne Frank. Never gets old for me and never will either.

How does your writing relate to your spiritual practice or other life path?

I consider myself a Muslim, but I seperate that from my writing. For me, writing is more about emotions.

What inspires you?

I inspire myself. Apart from that life does. If I was to mention a person that`s inspired me for years and keeps inspiring me, it`s Anne Frank.

Describe yourself as if someone is interviewing you.

I find such questions so hard, even though I`m supposed to talk about myself and that should perhaps be an easy task but I`m always like “where do I even begin?”. And doesn`t it depend on who`s interviewing you? Not sure I would say this if we`re talking about a job interview, but I`ll just write down what I`ve written on my “about me” page:

I`m a passionate girl, with a lot of hopes and dreams. I used to be a thinker, now I`m an over-thinker. I`m a dreamer. I dream a lot, doesn`t matter if it`s day or night. I`m a writer. I`m a daughter. I`m vulnerable. Kind. Strong. Weak. Mature. Immature. Visible. Invisible. Fragile. Beautiful. Mess.

Most of all I`m an old soul in a young body.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Oh, God… I don`t know. I hope I`m an author by then and that I`m happy with what my life`s like at that time.

What was the worst book you ever read, or stopped reading?

I don`t really have a “worst book I`ve ever read”. Sure, there have been books that I didn`t like that much but I usually try to finish them because I`d like to believe you can learn something from everything.



I wish I was in Amsterdam today, because it`s Anne Frank`s birthday. She would`ve been 88 years old.

You left a diary, which made you world-famous. You expressed your thoughts, feelings and dreams to your friend “Kitty”. Despite the circumstances, you dreamed about a future. You wanted to travel to Paris and London and study history. You loved history. You wanted to be a journalist and/or a writer. Let`s face it – you knew you could die, but you also knew you could survive and live on. Unfortunately you died, but Miep saved your diary and gave it to your lovely dad, whom chose to publish it, despite the criticism he received. So many years later, people still find your diary inspirational and motivational. I found out about you in sixth grade and you`ve been there ever since then.

Thank you for everything you`ve done for me and everyone else. You died too young, but you left your voice, you left a melody that`s still played all over the world. To me, you symbolize love, hope, courage and dreams. Thanks for never giving up and for refusing to die. Happy Birthday, Anne.

Your birthday has always been special to me, but this year it`s a little more special. I can`t wait to see your hiding place and be a little nearer you. 



I don`t know if you, who`re reading this, know this. But I want to write. I want to become an author. And for several months, yeah, perhaps we`re even talking years, I`ve been having this really great idea. I imagine astonishing scenes in my head, they appear right in front of me as if they`re real and I try to understand what it`d be like if I were a part of it all. I have so many thoughts and feelings that are waiting inside me. Do you know what the truth is? I want to start writing my first book right now or maybe next year.

In my culture and environment, being an author is nonsense to many people. I`ve been told by people, especially by aunties that women shouldn`t work, but if they absolutely have to they should do something great. You don`t earn anything by writing novels and poems. Writing is useless, no one has ever come far by writing. Yeah, because Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and Anne Frank are people that never have existed, right? I`ve been told to stop dreaming. It`s better if I stay at home and learn how to cook. My place is in the kitchen. It`s by the way a shame for girls to be “out there”. Her face shouldn`t be on covers. No no, that`ll ruin her reputation, not to mention her family`s honour. tumblr_nz2atbFq601r8xs2bo1_500

I`ve been wanting to be a writer for years. As a little girl, I used to draw a lot. Then I found out that God had given me a gift. No, two gifts. Pen and paper. I started writing and I`ve been writing ever since then. This blog is perhaps only a tiny part of it all. I write a lot that I don`t share with anyone. I keep a lot to myself.

Nobody can stop me from following my dreams. I might be a little quiet today, but I won`t remain quiet forever. So dear “aunties” and “uncles” who`re trying to stop me from pursuing my dreams, who`re trying to tell me they`re unreachable and useless – you`ll never be able to stop me. Try as much as you want to, but you`ll never be able to rule over me. You`ll never be able to mute me. Too bad I don`t care as much as you want me to. I`ll walk by and wink at you. Don`t worry, I won`t starve my husband and my eventual kids to death, but II`ll always be writing and one day you`ll find a book I`ve written in the shops. I`ll write books about whatever I want to, yeah, maybe about what people like you do.

Don`t tell me I never warned you.